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Chinese Pinyin Course

13 lessons in total, 5 free to experience

I believe that with the help of this course, you can greatly improve your standard pronunciation, oral expression ability and self reading ability.

If you have never learned Chinese, or have learned Chinese at first, but your pronunciation is not standard enough, let’s learn authentic Chinese pronunciation lessons together.

Lesson 1 – Pinyin: a o e

Lesson 2 – Pinyin: i u ü y w yi wu yu

Lesson 3 – Pinyin: b p m f

Lesson 4 – Pinyin: d t n l

And 1 more free lesson…

Chinese Writing Course

32 lessons in total, 9 free to experience
Many people can speak some Chinese, but they can’t write Chinese characters and type Chinese characters on the keyboard. To learn Chinese deeply, you need to understand the writing skills of Chinese characters.
In this course, you will learn the structure of Chinese characters, the strokes , the radicals of Chinese characters and some basic independent characters.

Lesson1 打字typing、结构structures、笔画strokes、偏旁部首radicals、田字格writing sheets

Lesson2 笔画 横horizontal、竖vertical、撇left-falling、点dot、捺right-falling

Lesson3 笔画 横折horizontal-turning、竖折vertival-turning、竖钩vertical hook

Lesson4 笔画 横折钩horizontal-turning hook、卧钩lying hook

And 5 more free lesson…

Chinese Songs

20 songs in total, all free to experience
Chinese Song Lessons, a fun set of Chinese skills lessons in which you can learn great Chinese songs, improve your listening and speaking skills, master over 1500 words and more.
Learning Chinese through Chinese songs is an easy thing, and it’s all free and open to everyone here.

S1 super idol

S2 放个大招给你看

S3 世界这么大还要遇见你

S4 如愿

And 16 more free lesson…

Chinese Speaking Course HSK1

42 lessons in total, 15 free to experience
The course includes speaking explanation, vocabulary expansion and some practices to help you master Chinese speaking.
After learning this course, you can start basic communication with people who can speak Chinese.

Lesson 1 Hello

Lesson 2 Thanks

Lesson 3 Sorry!

Lesson 4 See you!

And 11 more free lesson…

Chinese Speaking Course HSK2

Chinese Speaking Course HSK3

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